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Originally Posted by stac View Post
All those are valid points. I’m just amazed at how meaningless his title has become.
Didn’t both Cheetara and Tygra kneel before Lion-O when Jaga made him King? I’m just dismayed by the fact that Lion-O commands very little authority, as the leader in a potentially dangerous situation. I’m not saying that Lion-O should turn into a dictator. Just that Tygra shouldn’t presume to speak for Lion-O and the ThunderCats. I would have liked to see Claudus’ reaction if Tygra had done something like that to him.

Regarding his position as King, Lion-O has been, for lack of a better word, castrated. Cheetara, the Cleric, undermines him. Tygra, his brother, undermines him. Tygra's actions this episode perhaps rivalled the absurdity of Cheetara’s during the fight in ‘New Alliances.’
The show hasn't really given the ones in the group a chance to fill their roles. Cheetara's only job was helping obtain the Book of Omens and dispelling Jaga's curse on the sword of Plundarr. She hasn't done anything else remotely Cleric or Adviser to Lion-O.

The writers failed to develop a support cast for Lion-O to lead. It's been more like I point and we go that way.

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