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Originally Posted by Blade Raider View Post
Didn't notice it till I saw this particular screen capture, but that's a Berbil hand that Cheetara is holding. Had to look back at that sheet of character designs we got a while back, but that's definitely a Berbil's hand. Considering the fact that most Thundercats didn't believe technology actually existed, I'm looking forward to the main cast first encountering the Berbil's, who are essentially an autonomous race of tech.

Originally Posted by Blade Raider View Post
Did they air one or did they do the premiere without it?
They did the premiere without it. I'm assuming that the episodes following these first two will have one. Much like the Darkness Rising episodes didn't have an intro to them, but every TFP episode since then has. Makes sense, as it gives the premiere more time for actual episode content. Should be interesting to see how they handle the new show's intro. Even if it was just once, or as something made just for the website, I would love to see them do a remake of the original show's intro. Though saying that, I wouldn't want the new show's intro to be that.

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