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Originally Posted by L08e16o View Post
Plus people get mad if you want L/C, they say that is sexist. She can choose who she wants, more like who MJ wants.

It is sexist if cheetara can't have a flashback without a male like tygra in it. We have nothing from her that stands alone.

If here defining moment is the flower than that to me is sexist. She needed a male to help her be a cleric. I believe jaga would've chosen cheetara without the flower.

If the OS never existed, MJ would've had tygra as lord of the thundercats.

You've pretty much hit the nail on the head.

I saw that it was brought up before that MJ is a DC frat boy and DC released that really bad comic where Cheetara was paired up with Panthro then Tygra. It stands to reason that MJ is simply following DC's comic verse. I've read where people highlight just how much of this show is a mirror of the DC comic and I find most of them to be genrally true.

I get the whole "the flower was special" but yeah, Jaga never struck me as the type to let a fellow cat die in such a manner. The flashback did show that Cheetara had been waiting on those steps for a good while prior to Tygra giving her the flower so patience had already been established.

Again, you are right. If it was Tygra that "helped" her become a Cleric than Cheetara really didn't do it on her own; she didn't earn the position on her own. If we are to believe that Tygra was the one to ultimately get Cheetara "in" with the Clerics then we are being asked to believe that Cheetara - a female - was too frial and helpless to do it on her own and that she needed a man's help. Doesn't get more sexist than that.

Yeah, MJ does seem to make his favor of that character above all others plain as a day.
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