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Originally Posted by FreakinZoid View Post
I was reading some of the comments there today. You are right; there are quite a few Tygra obsessed people over there. Sadly, I saw many of those people who bully here also bully there.

I hope you are right that this forum is better. I'd like to be able to dicuss the show, both what i like and dislike, without having harpies spoil the room.
Episode 13 and maybe 14 (Cheetara surrendering) is the only thread were we really went at it. But after, things have been calm.

Trust me, this forum is better. There is more balance here than TCats lair.

When I was looking for a forum to go to, I went to TCats Lair (after 13). I read some of the post to determine if I wanted to have an account. I quickly came here and made an account.

There are some tygra fans that are from TCats lair, but they are good people. We just disagree.

To be honest, there was only one troll and she has not posted on here in a while. She just came here to stir things up.
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