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Originally Posted by FreakinZoid View Post
It is your decision to think what you will. It really doesn't matter to me. As I have noticed, there are more people than just me who agree with him. I guess they are all him as well? It's not like people will agree with other people right?
It's not like you who tend to agree with darn near everything others on here say?

By your logic it is safe to say that you yourself are using multiple accounts.

People see things differently. What you might see as disrespectful, others might see as a fair reaction to the situation. What another might see as respectful, others might see as disrespectful.

The point is, before you gang up on people for not agreeing with how you see things or accuse others of being people you don't agree with, try to understand that not everybody will see things the same as you and that different people have different ways of expressing themselves.

I haven't seen you act any better than the person(s) you hold in such contempt.
First off I haven't "ganged up" on anyone. I've made discussion points. At least until the personal attacks started (which wasn't me). I haven't called anyone pathetic, nor asskisser, brown noser, etc. I still think you and he are the same (heck you didn't even deny it), but whatever.
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