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Originally Posted by Burning Bright View Post
So, whether or not CN renders this point moot, while looking at Joe's screencaps for Episode 25, I noted he focused on something that was a little difficult to see while watching the episode. We get the quick pan of all 4 stones being claimed a member of one of the species that will have dominion over it. The second-to-last one shown is the 4th stone, the as-of-yet-unidentified blue stone.

What stands out to me that I hadn't seen before is the largely-webbed hand. That indicates am aquatic lifeform (or partially so). Ducks and Platypi don't exactly seem like they would have been useful servants for Mumm-Ra. We've already seen the fishmen and that lot couldn't be the holders of a power-stone or they wouldn't have had the problem that they did. That leaves the one aquatic species we saw in Mumm-Ra's arsenal in "Legacy" - the Tigersharks.

Based on that it looks like an underwater quest was planned. I don't remember the Cats having a specific underwater vehicle in the OS, just a mod to the Thundertank. That would certainly give the Cats a reason to rebuild the Thundertank in the NS (well, other than Panthro absolutely not wanting to use The Feliner unless his life depends upon it).

I somehow expect that the Tigersharks wouldn't give up their power stone very easily when approached about it, either.

Sorry to burst your bubble, look at the difference in the hands

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