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Originally Posted by L08e16o View Post
It gets worse in the comics. Tygra was raped too, so that is how they got together. They could help one another. Cheetara hated lion-o for being tricked by mummra. He was trapped in the BoO for a long time. She blamed him for everything.

You should see what mummra had Kit and Kat doing. I think the comic was a fanfic from an angery fan.

Well I work in office of women in their 50s and they have no problems with 20 year olds. Lot of cougars out there. The maturity of a college kid is so different from a women who has a kid their age.

This is why you don't do romance in a reboot like that. It was written poorly and it is a mess. The NS cheetara disappeared after she and tygra hooked up. You need to read some of the stuff the cast and crew said about the romance part from the OS. They were going to do a romance with a certain couple if they got another season.

Love the characters from the OS.
OMG!! Yeah, I think I am very glad I never saw or read those comics!! Mumm-Ra in the comics was really twisted, I take it?

Hee, hee...I've worked with tons of women in their 50's and most of them would date a 30ish guy, but not one of them had a lasting relationship. Guess it's just whatever you're looking for. Meow.

I'm watching the OS again, almost every night. It truly is a classic.

True, in the NS, when Tygra and Cheetara were declared as a couple, I was okay with it, but it did seem to put her in the background, far too much. I'm a Tygra fan, (duh) but it would've been just fine with me if all the romantic nonsense was left out of the series, at least until they had a couple of season's under their belt...give us some more exciting characters and battles. Defeat Mumm-Ra, then think about their futures, and personal lives.
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