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Originally Posted by Big Snarf View Post
Only no one did pumyra wrong its all in her head.Panthro also wanted revenge on grune for breaking his heart . It would be hard to tell from this point if lion-o and pumyra have anything in common as the extent of her character isn't fully explained
Originally Posted by moreprimeland View Post
OMG!! Yeah, I think I am very glad I never saw or read those comics!! Mumm-Ra in the comics was really twisted, I take it?

Hee, hee...I've worked with tons of women in their 50's and most of them would date a 30ish guy, but not one of them had a lasting relationship. Guess it's just whatever you're looking for. Meow.

I'm watching the OS again, almost every night. It truly is a classic.

True, in the NS, when Tygra and Cheetara were declared as a couple, I was okay with it, but it did seem to put her in the background, far too much. I'm a Tygra fan, (duh) but it would've been just fine with me if all the romantic nonsense was left out of the series, at least until they had a couple of season's under their belt...give us some more exciting characters and battles. Defeat Mumm-Ra, then think about their futures, and personal lives.
I thought you were a Bengali fan.

I felt like Pumyra was fleshed out more than cheetara. One of the major issues I have with this show.
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