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So far, I'm both very surprised, and very impressed with Bandai. The new series figures look to be exactly what I want in a figure; accurate to the character, with plenty of articulation.

It's nice to see just how much they have shown too! Bandai seems to be heavily pushing the line as a flagship series! I certainly didn't expect to see a character like Grune pop up so quickly!

I'm also rather impressed at the new designs. They're all instantly recognizable, which is exactly how they should be.

I'm also extremely impressed that the line will be supporting play-sets. I don't recall seeing any play-sets of any kind (not counting legos) at the toy-stores for years now. I can't wait to see Cat's Lair! (If they do make one, I didn't see a listing.

The Classics line is, of course, a must-buy. Hopefully, it will be successful enough to ensure the production of all the characters. I highly hope for Bengali, Pumrya, and Lynx-O.

All in all, I'm very excited; Thundercats has always been one of my favorite series, and it looks like it's getting the quality treatment it deserves!
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