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Originally Posted by TabethaB View Post
I am so upset about this line, the classics... ok.. maybe they might uphold the original integrity, but the "army" clad anime freaks....? Come on! AND SNARF?!!! Are you serious?!!! he is not a damn Pokemon!

I just have to say, I will not be looking for these figures to add to my collection, and a HUGE thank you to the genius behind these horrid figures because now you just made my original collection worth so much more.
I totally agree! The classics are awesome. The Thundertank is pretty cool. But I can't even put into words what a steaming pile of crap the rest of it is.

It's The New Adventures Of He-Man all over again. That Tower Of Omens looks more like it should be Optikk's hideout.

Most of the vehicles are as godawful as the vehicles from the 2002 MOTU line.

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