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Originally Posted by SirSapphire View Post
Nicely said, and I don't think the creators were trying to portray her that way at all (nor do I see her like that). She always cared deeply for Tygra but had an obligation to Lion-O. Unfortunately she's still young herself and the way she went about things contributed to (but are not solely responsible for) someone getting hurt. She's not perfect, she still makes mistakes.
EVERYONE in this show makes mistakes because the only way you can have strong character development is if those characters have flaws they need to overcome. Lion-O has his brashness and self-doubt, Tygra has his jealousy and resentment, and Cheetarah has to learn that maybe she doesn't know as much as she thought she did (please don't claim I'm accusing her of being a know-it-all, that's not my intention).
Actually I think Cheetara's biggest problem is the same one it showed in the flashback. Patience. She still jumps in without looking twice like a textbook speedster. in fights and in relationships me thinks.
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