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Originally Posted by SirSapphire View Post
It's been mentioned several times that Lion-O probably thought Tygra would have been able to find his way out. He's still gambling with his brother's life (which is pretty irresponsible) but it's because he has faith in Tygra.
You know, just for the sake of argument, Tygra's death could have been a win-win situtation for Lion-O: he gets rid of the brother who questions his decisions, and through his death he gets back at Cheetara for not choosing him. I do believe Lion-O is better than that, but he deadpanned that gamble and I said somewhere else (not in this forum) that he didn't even have the decency of looking guilty nor worried about his brother's fate, so any interpretation could be correct. We could come up with several others but unless they address this issue on the show, none of us is wrong, none of us is right.
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