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Originally Posted by L08e16o View Post
I wonder if they really have plans for the other characters. Will they come back in the end or will they be more for the next season. I think there will be a next season, but will it air on CN.

Maybe it is like this.

Bengali and tygra, related somehow.
Pumyra and cheetara, grew up together or know each other
Lynx-o and panthro. Lynx-o would know panthro's past.

It seems like they are exploring the other characters in the next episodes.

Birth of the swords, we could see Leo, panthera, and mummra. Maybe they will explain more about mummra.

We have the kids in episode 18.

Just guessing.
I hope we do get another series, this show has a lot to offer. It does look as though the next few episodes will introduce new characters. Episode 18 will probably introduce a new villain, maybe Mongor or Safari Joe. We may even see Vultureman soon. It would be cool if Vultureman could actually fly this time.

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