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Originally Posted by AnonymousIncognito View Post
Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it hasn't happened.
Quite true. I may have missed something that has already happened. That is why I asked if you could provide any examples of a time where sight beyond sight has been an example of something that would be inconsistent with it coming from the "War Stone".

According to Dan Norton, a lot takes place "off camera" that the viewers never see.
That's rather open-ended. Did he mention at any time that the function of Sight beyond Sight was being used in ways other than we've seen so far?

There is still the potential for its early warning system which is more for self-defense than war.
Defense is an aspect of war (well, except for General Patton ).

Remember, there are still 20 some odd episodes to go so there is still plenty to see.
31 yet to air of the 52 that we originally heard were contracted and paid for so far. However, we really don't know much of what is going to happen in those episodes so far (at least as far as I've heard).

While we can all agree that there have been numerous inconsistencies in the series so far, I have yet to see (or read about) any instances where the new Eye of Thundera has acted in a way that is not consistent with the label of "War Stone".
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