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If I had to describe this in one word: Satisfying.

Before I go on, there will probably be spoilers. Don't think I really need to say that, but I am anyways.

Promises were made for the animation, for the characters, and for the story. Delivered, delivered, delivered. Most shows these days have first episodes that don't don't wow me, that don't satisfy what I came for. A lot of times, I have to wait a few more episodes to decide if I even like the show. I don't have to wait on-e more episodes to say it this time: This is a great show.

If there's anything I didn't like in either episode, it'd be how quickly that mob was to fight not one, but both of the king's sons near the halfway point. Tygra I can understand, but the guy that will be their king wheather they like it or not? Minor issue at most. I'll just tell myself that the mob thinks they can take Lion-O after he was beaten by Tygra in the games. I mostly feel as if it was there just to end the first episode with some action.

As for what's good, there's so much I don't know where to start. Guess I'll sort it by character. Just for fun I've added screenshots and some silly captions.


"My sword is better than your sword! Suck it, He-Man!"

This is what I expected from the original Lion-O but never got. In the original, Lion-O was young and naive for maybe 5 episodes of the entire run. Heck, he usually told the kittens the moral of the day even though he's mentally suppose to be the same age as them. Here, he's making mistakes and paying for them and hard.


"But does it come in blue?"

As Cheetor would say, "ultragear!"...I just died a little from quoting him...I enjoyed Cheetra. She is set up well in this series. Being a cleric sets up her powers for whenever they need to explain things like 6th sense (If it's used at all). She also has a connection to Jaga this time. I like that. Not sure how I feel on the hinted love triangle. It does feel less forced than the Duke/Scarlet/Snake-Eyes triangles of recent years, but I've never been huge on the idea at all.

I almost forgot to mention that she's hot. She's hot.


Lizard: "I'm being saved by a jerk."

Kind of a jerk, but a likable jerk. He's so smug and arrogant and open about how he'd be the better king that you just know he's jealous of Lion-O. I forsee great character development. I like that they are already hinting at his gun usage later.


"Mufasa was never this badass."

Best death I've seen in a long time. Hey, Transformers Prime, you see this? This is how you have a death at the first of a show. No one gives a damn when the character dies after only a couple of lines. Claudus, on the other hand, gets a good amount of screentime before dying and the way he dies is unique. I hope the events are brought up again when the real Panthro shows. I mean, what better way to motivate Panthro into the fight than to have him learn his image was used to kill one of his oldest friends?


"If cats steal your soul with their cutness, then what do Snarfs steal?"

SNARF IS TOO GODDAMN CUTE! Whoever did this is an evil genius! I love this Snarf. I also didn't hate the original either. However, with how the new Tygra, Claudus, and Thundra treats Lion-O, I'm glad Snarf doesn't talk. And he's so damn cute to boot!


*Insert Gandalf joke here.*

Jaga's the bomb. Reminding me of Alfred from Batman a little with the witty remarks to Lion-O. I hope he's not dead this time, but captured by Mumma-Ra instead. I still want the ghost guide regardless. If he's alive, it can just be a projection (and thus make more sense to me). Eitherway, I love that he doesn't judge Lion-O like everyone else does.


Kat: "Hey mister, we need money for hover boards."
Kit: "It's 2011 so Mattel makes those now, right?"

So, they're looking for El Darar-do Cigarettes? They are clearly looking for the lost city of gold, El Dorado. I hoping the similar names are because El Darar IS El Dorado and the name was just changed over time (afterall, this is THIRD Earth). Anyways, they're street rats now...whoops, I meant street CATS. Get it?! Because their cats! HA! Yeah I'm making fun, but that's because I like the characters and they are cute in an Miyazaki why.


"I'm not overcompensating, I'm WINNING!"

He's rather likable for a guy you know is going to betray everyone. Grune was a character I always liked even though he always felt out of place. Plus, he did the same thing every time. Here, he is to Mumma-Ra as Goldar is to Rita Repulsa or Lord Zedd. The general under the evil king/leader. Plus, this time we actually get to see him betray his race. Sweet.


"I want to see your tits, my dear."

(Sorry, had to say it :P)

Still getting use to his voice. He's not bad by any means, it's just that he looks so much like the original Mumma-Ra that I expect the original voice to come out of his mouth. Regardless, I like what they've done with him. Connection to the sword, he gets to kill Claudus. He's just far more involved with the story. And oh so evil to boot.

The bottomline: Do you like good animation? Good story telling? Good characters? Good reimagining? Just good fiction in general? Here it is.

If you're only here for the theme song, you're out of luck. Come to think of it, my file didn't have an intro at all. Did they air one or did they do the premiere without it?

PS: Show has the best surprise cameo ever! It was so awesome, I had to screencap it. I'm sure we'll see him again, but he probably won't see us.

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