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Jaga's death was quite similar to Obi-Van's in SW, except he did not simply throw away his life at the end. I am curious about how and why he'll come back as a ghost... perhaps that's a thing all Clerics can do? At any rate, while I kinda find his old design silly (an old man in underpants?!?) here he looked awesome, wise and knowledgeable. And of course, Corey Burton has a great voice. (One extra bit of interest - he seems to be wearing the same circular ankle-guard things as Cheetara, so those might have some significance).

Oh, and for a frail old cat, Jaga is sure tough. First, he was hit by Mumm-Ra's spell along the other clerics. Then, Mumm-Ra fries him with magic for quite some time... and he is even shot in the back by a rifle. Yet all this just slows him down...

Originally Posted by Lord of the Thundercats View Post
Yeah I caught that. Be interesting to see if any of the other clerics survived or are held prisoner. Maybe Pumyra or Jagara?
They are sadly, all dead - you can see how Mumm-Ra's magic blast caught all of them save Jaga whom Cheetara saved, and later when the lizards bring him before Mumm-Ra, they remark that the two of them are the only ones left of the "Guardians of the Ground".

Best death I've seen in a long time. Hey, Transformers Prime, you see this? This is how you have a death at the first of a show. No one gives a damn when the character dies after only a couple of lines.
Quoted for truth. I mean, how are we supposed to feel anything for Cliffjumper when we barely know him, he had like, 10 lines? Gah, sorry, I won't go into a rant about my dislike of that series. I am content that we got Animated, even if it was "taken before its time".

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