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Fantastic! Wow, after hearing of a Thundercats reboot and having seen the way a LOT of other reboots were handled I had fairly low expectations for Thundercats, but after seeing character designs I started to warm up a bit and the trailers got me fairly excited, and the first two episodes delivered big time! So much thought and planning went into this series and there's so much detail that's been hinted at, it has a lot of promise. I can't wait to tune in every week and watch this story unfold. Reading the interviews they had claimed that the series was going to have an epic scale and scope and right in the first episodes they delivered! The shot of the thunderkittens again the smoking crater that was the underground refuge says it all really. Can't wait to enjoy the ride of this series and hope it continues on for a good long while. As far as cartoons go, this is shaping up to be my favorite rebooted series.
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