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Im more than pleased with this new Thundercats. Everything was perfect and so real.
The story is simple more complete than the classic one (though Im fan of the clissic Thundercats too) This time will see more about each characters, goods and bad ones. The way they will make the whole pieces fit will be something every ones wants to see and enjoy.
All the characters were amazing as the episode goes on.
Lion-O has one of the best personality and character Iīve seen in years. He making bad decitions and then making some right is so real. He is just awesome in this encarnation. In the original he was supose to be a kid in the body on an adult, but after some episodes he was almos as mature as the other adult in the group.
This time we will see Lion-O grow up and learn in the right way
Tygra, h always have been my favorite and even when his story is completely different from the original I just love what they do with him^^ The perfect prince.
We can see he is better than Lion-O in much thing, but ones can think he is a jerk for the way he treats his little brother, but at the same time he is a likeble jerk. I know Tygra will got more fans this time. He is I think, the character that Im most exited to see how his story will be evolving. Also we see him flirted a little with one of Jagaīs Clerics (Cheetara) Hope that wonīt turn Tygra in ladykiller. This reboot will have a love triangle and I want to see that.
Cheetara. What can I say. I was inlove with Cheetara when I was a kid and Im crazy in love with this one. She is hot and so pretty. but she is also a great kickass. I love her personality and I want to see more about it while the stry run.
I like that she seemed to have some kind of conection with Jaga this time. After all, she as trained by him. Hope Jaga will come back in a ghost or whatever he wants and see more about he and Cheetara.
Jaga was one of the character I liked the most from this reboot, he is old, wise and so badass too. My favorite par was when he and the Clerics come to help the thonderians agains Grune and the lizards. Also his relationshipe with the young prince was nice and real. Hope this is not the last time will see Jaga.
Congratulations to does who put the great Larry Kenny as King Claudus. Even when he dies at the end, he had an awesome screentime and one of the best death scenes Iīve seen in long time when it comes to animated series.
I could go on and on, but Im just saying that this serie has everything what we were waiting for in a very long time. I want this show to least as long as the original and I canīt wait for next Fryday!!!!
Last note. Amazing Lynx-O cameo
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