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Gotta agree with the review, so much both subtle and obvious to admire about the reboot of Thundercats.

The biggest thing that impressed me was leaving the opening 2-part intro with a decidedly unhappy conclusion. It leaves so much to look forwards to.

When Tigra first whips the mob trying to lynch the lizards the music is a subtle homage to the original Thundercats theme.

The anime style to the whole thing is very welcome and Wily-Kit and Wily-Kat are already far superior to the original incarnations.

The questions I am interested to see answered during future episodes:

- Is Panthro really dead?
- Will someone take Panthro's place if he is gone?
- How will Kit & Kat join Lion-O and crew?
- Will the Lizards be the main army of Mumm-ra and Grune or will we see the Jackals and Monkeys join the fray?

So onwards and upwards in a series that could have been a disaster on a number of levels but instead have given me renewed hope that western animators are finally understanding how to hit the sweet spot that brings in older and younger audiences to enjoy the same spectacle.
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