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One thing I just realized... Slithe's (how many 's' and 'l's are in his name, anyway?) trojan horse plan most likely did NOT involve any of the lizards who were captured by Grune and used as slaves to pull that large rock, as the two in the pillory stocks did not seem like they knew about the plan at all (if they did, they wouldn't have begged for mercy, just would have waited their turn with the escape).

And one more thing - I love how well even minor or background characters were designed. In particular, the four "alleycats" who attack Lion-O in the opening scenes in the slums. I wonder what subspecies that little guy was - he was barely taller then the kittens despite looking like an adult.

Originally Posted by unicronic View Post
The questions I am interested to see answered during future episodes:

- Is Panthro really dead?
- Will someone take Panthro's place if he is gone?
Thankfully, this is not TF Prime. You could have thought he was dead if they hired an expensive voice actor for his 2 lines... Joke aside, no, he isn't. Most likely, he was either ditched by Grune, or kept prisoner elsewhere.

- How will Kit & Kat join Lion-O and crew?
My guess is, they will meet the two in the next episode while escaping the city's borders.

- Will the Lizards be the main army of Mumm-ra and Grune or will we see the Jackals and Monkeys join the fray?
We do know these other races exist, and I bet we will see them soon, though I am not certain whether they will be working for Mumm-ra or have their own empires and agendas. Certainly, I can see some infighting considering the dominant kingdom has been removed, these other tribes would certainly try to fill their place.

So onwards and upwards in a series that could have been a disaster on a number of levels but instead have given me renewed hope that western animators are finally understanding how to hit the sweet spot that brings in older and younger audiences to enjoy the same spectacle.
I think a lot of western animation series are excellent for adults and kids as well. Like, Young Justice, Legion of Superheroes, Spectacular Spiderman, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Transformers Animated, GI Joe Renegades, Wolverine and the X-Men. My half-brother (just 18 this year) has gotten into X-Men thanks to the latter series. However, for some odd reason, studios keep cancelling the good shows, while silly plotless stuff like Spongebob keep going forever. Let's hope Thundercats does well with the kids, and the merchandise sells, otherwise we can fear the same.
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