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Originally Posted by unicronic View Post
Have we seen Jackals and Monkeys yet? I know there were dogs in the intro sequences but were they Jackals? Where were the other two iconic villainous races? I'm not disappointed just a question as to if they were in the debut reboot and I missed them.

No monkeys yet, but jackals are really just a species of "canines", like cheetahs are a species of "felines". IMHO, Jackalman (wonder what his proper name is) will be representing the more jackal-like 'dogs', but we will probably see more wolf-like or domesticated dog-like canines as well. One was shown among the IGN character designs (the one with the huge FFVII-like sword), my guess is that he'll be one of the titular characters in the episode "The Drifter and the Duelist" - he has a noble wibe to him.

Amen to that. One of the greatest new concept shows for some time was Sym-Bionic Titan and it was cancelled. Sadly broadcasters rarely merit a show by its actual quality more its viewership.
I could never really get into that show as I am not a big fan of the Tartarowsky-type style used for serious shows (frankly, I could never take Samurai Jack seriously, considering he looks almost exactly like Professor Utonium). But yeah, lot of great shows are cancelled. Let's hope, considering CN handles this show and Young Justice as their "big names" that they will not be dropped.
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