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I wanted to somewhat help everyone who is hunting for the figures: They are not going to be on the shelves at Target anytime soon. Two thoughts to support this theory: A) Target has already done there toy isle resets for the winter holiday season. There are not any spots for TCats. B) On Bandai's site, they only list TRU, WalMart, and KMart: Lion-O - ThunderCats

Now, I know that everyone is going to say, "but they have the Thundertank and Costumes on the Target website with DCPI numbers." True, but that is all they are going to have and they are only going to be online.

So maybe after Xmas and the next Toy isle resets, these figures will be there, but I do not before then. Target will realize they made a mistake by not carrying this product. I am just making this post to save everyone some time and gas on trying to hit up Targets also.

I hope this helps.
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