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Originally Posted by kevster View Post

and BTW, Let me adress the stupid uninformed that think the Original was badly drawn...The Original was FAR better looking than this run of the mill anime crap. The opening theme animation DESTROYS this feeble show. The aesthetics and detail was far and above most modern shows.
The show itself was badly drawn, often off-model and the intro was the only good thing about it. The old intro was animated by two Japanese guys, Iko Kanada did the SFX and Masayuki did the characters. The style of animation in that intro is known as Kanada style of animation, and it is as Japanese as it gets, which means ANIME crap.

The characters were detailed because at that time the animators in Japan were fearless and were able to animate the most insane shit you could imagine. Akira was from that era. There were animated shows way better than Thundercats like Future Boy Conan and Marcos, Thundercats was an overrated piece of crap.

Kanada is dead and Masayuki is too busy working in Evangelion to care but some animators in Japan are as good as they were in their prime. The problem is that this is a American show and is really hard for the good Japanese animators to be interested in it, specially when Thundercats was never famous in Japan to begin with. The first episode of the X-men anime had amazing Visuals and Animation because guys like Sushio and his skilled friends are X-men fanboys, that's the only reason. You have detailed characters with really detailed self shadowing and on top of that they move across the screen easily.

Sushio can do what ever he want

Hidegutsu Ito is amazing

Yutapon can animate everything

You Yoshinari is insane

Toshiyuki Inoue is almost perfect as an animator

Hiroyuki Okiura is GOD

Eiji Nakada is a Mecha expert(which means he can draw really really complicated shit)

Takeshi Koike can move insane shit in the most awesome way possible

Hideki Kakita is a SFX expert( amazing explosions)

Norimitsu Suzuki can do everything

Tetsuya Nishio is very versatile as well

Shingo Abe rocks

Nozomu Abe is hardcore

Damn most of this guys are from Bones and can do shit like that old intro in regular episodes, Yoshimichi Kameda is a young animator and has an INSANE sense of timing that make his stuff super energetic and hardcore. Too bad they choose Studio 4 C to do the whole thing, specially when they never do Tv shows.
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