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Originally Posted by lioncheeta View Post
hello i am a giant fan of thundercats the original and the new version. the reason i call it new and not a remake is there are many things different

now my question is will lion ever find love / a queen

in the first series he loved cheetara but she chose tygra witch in my opinion was stupid and i dont remember him finding anyone else

in the new series he loved cheetara but she chose tygra witch again is stupid and then he found pumyra but she betrays him for mumra..

will lion-o ever find someone as in my opinion he deserves love more than anyone especially since he needs a queen
Cheetara didn't choose anyone in the OS. The writers did say if they had anohter season approved, they were going to do pairings. They were going to do L/C.

The WS/DC comics, she did end up with tygra.

I agree with you on the NS, but that is a sore spot.

I believe if the same writers are on board for another season (very low chance), I believe it will be pumyra (zombie girl and mummra lover). This is a misdirection, something this crew likes. Trust me I don't want L/P.
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