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Originally Posted by moreprimeland View Post
If IIRC correctly, in the OS, Cheetara was an adult when Lion-O was still a child, so for him to be paired with her, well, seems a little more 'courgar-ish' and not really a good match imho. Tygra was around the same age and a more likely mate.

Never read the comics, but glad to hear she wound up with Tygra.

Pumyra would have been a lousy choice, unless they planned to write her as an evil twin, conjured by MummRa.
Disagree. Lion-o is an adult who matured into his body. Besides pumyra and tygra are on third earth while cheetara and lion-o were on thunderia.

Mate?? Lion-o is cheetara's age. He beat tygra in the trials using their minds.

Cougar is an older women (body) with a younger male (body). Total different.

Cheetara was raped in the comics.

You have T/P going on right now in Legend of Korra. Korra (a brash good Pumyra) is the tsundere with the gary stu Mako (Tygra). Mako can already bend lighting.

Only show I know where there are fans who hate the main character and what him to hook up with a supporting character. It would be like a female just appearing in Naruto after 596 chapter and hooking up with him in a couple of chapters.

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