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Originally Posted by Monkian View Post
It's exciting to see it offered up to a new generation of kids.
Which is why I wish my nephew was just a little older. I could probably get him to watch an episode or two, but I know he wouldn't pay much of any attention to it, lol. Maybe he and I can sit down and watch them on DVD when he's a little older.

Edit: Since this is the official discussion for the first two episodes, I'll add some more to this post.

I've probably said this several times by now, but I've never been this excited for a new cartoon. It's just too bad they didn't utilize the time before or after the premier to show some original Thundercats episodes. Saw part of one episode this past Sunday morning, but since I hadn't been expecting them to show any, I had missed what would have been a nice opportunity to watch a fair few episodes. Oh well, I've been watching them online and plan on getting them on DVD.

Anyways, back to the new show. This is going to be great. In fact, the next several years should be pretty great.

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