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Originally Posted by KaleRylan View Post
A character's behavior isn't just about isn't just about their literal words, it's also about the feeling. The interactions between Cheetara and Lion-o have gone from pleasant and supportive to unpleasant and antagonistic. This is Cheetara AND Lion-o's fault, but it's what people are talking about when they say the triangle has made them unlikable.

Secondly, I totally disagree that disliking a character is better than no opinion. Not if it's a HERO. You dislike villains. Disliking the heroes is a good way to get people to stop watching a show. You NEVER want your viewers to actively dislike a hero if you can help it. Be mad at them? Disagree with a decision? whatever. But liking them fundamentally is key to getting your viewers through those times when they ARE mad at the hero. If you don't like them you're not going to care about the show that long.

I think you might be missing his point. He seems to be arguing that Pumyra shouldn't be TOO focused on because she wasn't that important in the original show (his max payne reference). You seem to be saying that you want them to focus on her because she's got a lot of room for interpretation. Yet you say applause at the beginning. I'm confused.
You should be confused. I skimmed the comment, and he wouldn't have been the first or 2nd to talk about the great potential Pumyra has.

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