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This episode was "GREAT", Im not much of a backstory-fan, but this1 really got me, in a way it brought tears to my eyes, just how sad but at the same time "good" it of a story this was. Sure they left alot of holes & such as wat happened to their mom, and other 2 kids, Are they still alive or dead. but thats fine w me, Im guessin their mom and other kids were killed in episode1 during the battle fight which killed alot of kids so that might of been them. who knows?! but yea theres always room for those kids and mom to come out at a later time.
for a later show to mention them again kinda like tygra's dad. \
As for those who said Panthro and Cheetara leaving the wily's behind is not a bad thing. not like they left em way out there, it was only a few feet away. Its kinda like saying "kids..go play" or go find sumthing to do while i work on the tank.
So he just told em to find sumthing to eat among themselfs. sure enough they did.
Again. this show was great. i dont c why most people hated it.
it had feelings to it., it showd just how much a mother's love can be to her kids. feeding ur own kids b4 putting ur self 1st. telling them everything gonna be ok, we will make it. i guess lots of people dont see it like that, i do. so i really saw the direction this was going and it came out wonderful

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