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Its very simple why the 2011-12 show and toyline flopped. The cartoon was not written for kids! It was trying to please a broader market.

The original was plain and simple, good vs evil. No extended storylines. Kids dont have an expanded attention span. They want a quick storyline where Lion-o (Thundercats) would win in the end, and end of each season maybe a 3 or 4 parter to celebrate another year would be produced.

This new revamp was too intricate, storyline too long for a kid to take it seriously.

I remember clearly each show in the end in the 80's my heart was pounding, clutching my Lion-o in my hand. Happy knowing that He defeated Mum-ra or evil forces or a added baddie. The Thundercats always won in the end! not this dribble in the 2011-12 series!

Future producers aim for the MALE 4 to 12 year olds. Small attention span and Sh*tlaods of action/violence. They are the kids that pester their mothers the most for toys. Of course end a show with some sort of moral to be learnt.

This is why vintage He-man, vintage Thundercats etc shows worked and the toys sold.....LEARN from the past. Dont try to reinvent it!

nuff said

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