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Originally Posted by Lord Lion O View Post
Probably sounds crazy but I was choking up...i was like what's wrong with me...then I realized after all these years just what a simple cartoon could mean to a child and how everyday when I got home from school and nobody else was around...they were always there for me...everyday. Now I get to be there with my son with thundercats! I am totally stoked! He loved it, thanks to everyone who made this happen.
Don't be embarrassed. I was doing the same. After 20 years of waiting for this? When I was a kid, my dad would wake me up EVERY morning at 7am and take back into his bed and we would watch Thundercats together. The names, and stuff lived on ever since. He passed away a year ago, this week actually, and so watching this was very special for me, as I'm sure it is for countless others. I got choked up and even giddy hearing Larry Kenny yell "Thundercats HO!" again and when Lion-O said "You may have taken my fathers like, but you wont take his sword... thunder, thunder, Thunder, Thundercats HO!" I was just speechless.
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