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Just saw Trials part 1. Thought it was a great episode. I was just thinking back to the original trials and Lion-O's test against Wilykit and Wilykat. I forget exactly what the point was, but I remember that despite being fooled several times, and despite thinking that he was being fooled again, he still went back to check on the twins and wound up saving their lives.

This trial of wits was still good, but I think the lesson was a bit different. Something like- open your eyes, Lion-O! Heehee!

The trial against Cheetara was cool. At first I thought he might get paid a visit by the Petalars in the AP, especially Emeric. I thought he was falling back into that thickly wooded forest that they first met the Petalars in. The prickly vine maze was cool. Made me think of The Shining. The whole time I was watching Lion-O run through the maze, I kept thinking, "Climb to the top and run on top of the walls!" Of course, being that the vines were covered in thorns, that probably wouldn't work either. I liked his solution. Good stuff.

What's this about Tygra beating Lion-O in the AP? I didn't see him at all. Was their a trailer for episode 16 or something?

I like that in the real world the Cats were still able to free themselves, even if they didn't get the sword back. I always hated in the Wildstorm Comics that the Cats pretty much fell apart without Lion-O there to guide them. Same thing always happens in Transformers whenever Optimus Prime dies (which is a lot). The Autobots just go to pieces and can't barely function without him around. It's like, these are your elite warriors that you've handpicked personally, and they can't go a day without you to tell them what to do? So sad.

And I did like that despite all their bickering and griping, that both Cheetara and Tygra showed shock and grief right after they thought Lion-O had been pushed to his death. I think they'll be overjoyed when they see him return.
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