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"Guys, I love you. All of you for so much effort that has been spent trying to get TCats back on the air. I'm sorry though, it won't be coming back. Chima sealed the deal. It's the end of the road guys. Thank each and every one of you for all of your efforts and support. Maybe, someday, someone can try again."
As much as I liked the show, F*** this guy. What does Chima have to do with whether or not they can bring back the show? I realize that he worked with Lego on a theme that wasn't made and then some aspects of that theme were re-worked into a new Lego theme (that doesn't look like Tcats at ALL)... BUT WTF DUDE. Chima has absolutely nothing to do with the show getting cancelled and/or not being brought back. Every time I see this guy quoted anywhere he sounds like a whiny douchebag.
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