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Originally Posted by JamesBenjamin View Post
As much as I liked the show, F*** this guy. What does Chima have to do with whether or not they can bring back the show? I realize that he worked with Lego on a theme that wasn't made and then some aspects of that theme were re-worked into a new Lego theme (that doesn't look like Tcats at ALL)... BUT WTF DUDE. Chima has absolutely nothing to do with the show getting cancelled and/or not being brought back. Every time I see this guy quoted anywhere he sounds like a whiny douchebag.
Have you seen the trailer for the new Cartoon Network Chima show?

Legends of Chima Videos | Watch Clips from the Sneak Peek | Cartoon Network

The main guy practically looks like a LEGO figure of Lion-O. I think he meant that the show/characters are too close to ThunderCats for them to pursue both. It's a bit redundant on their show lineup. LEGO is a better-selling brand right now. They moved their team from ThunderCats to Chima. They can't do both.
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