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Originally Posted by primkus21 View Post
this is my first time posting, but I read the forums a lot. This ep was great and as far as the hole Tygra cheetara thing I don't see that as a betrayal. she mad a choice.
It not the choice its everything she has been doing before the choice that doesn't make sense, if her intention was to play the big sister, guide or instill confidence in lion-o her methods or interactions(BODY LANGUAGE) should have been different if we the audience misinterpeted her feelings and feel confused or betrayed that is exactly what it is, if we feel that way, lion-o should to, the writers are forcing us to feel how lion-o or any other character should feel in this situation. I just hope this is the end of it and Lion-o doesn't start going after Tygra cause he did nothing wrong Lion-o should not feel betrayal from Tygra in this situation as the elephant prophezied it should be directed at Cheetara(PERSONALLY I HOPE THEY DON'T GO THAT ROUTE EITHER) the triangle should be resolved now and Lion-o should consider himself lucky.But if Cheetara still interacts with Lion-o the way she has been I will be upset
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