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Originally Posted by Ravenxl7 View Post
They've got books 1 and 2 up for sale, but no sign of book 3 yet. Also, if there was any sign of a complete/all-in-one set, it'd be news to me. Would certainly be nice, but I don't think it'll happen.
FWIW, my order for Bk3 has a date of October 2nd. Guess that could change.

Originally Posted by Lioconvoy View Post
Dan Norton posted on the group again about four hours ago, stating that he never meant for his words to be twisted in the above manner. And that the show IS MERELY STILL ON HIATUS AND IS NOT CANCELLED. I don't have a screep cap of it, but it's there and you all have eyes and web browsers.
I believe this is the quote:

"Hey guys, I can see now how my words have really made an impact. This wasn't really my intention. If you look at what I said, it doesn't say anything more than what it means. The show remains in hiatus. Period. The reality is we are not currently working on the show. Which is what hiatus means. What is said between WB to CN or Bandai is between them. Until there is an official post or disclaimer from any of those people, the show has not been officially canceled. I don't have the authority to make any such statement. Again, I can only say I'm on a different project at the moment, which is Beware the Batman. I did a few drawings on my deviant art site for fun for tcats fans to enjoy. I would feel terrible if fans never got any kinda notice that the show would end one way or another. I hope there is talks of continuing the series, I'd love to finish the story. That's it, much love...."

Oh well...still a sad day around the kitty litter box.
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