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Well, that was excellent!

I'm incredibly pleased, and I cannot wait to see more! The rest of my family that watched have the same opinion.

The writing was very strong, and the animation was simply beautiful! I especially liked the color pallette; both the color tones, and the shading added to the atmosphere of each scene!

The voice-acting was also very strong! Will Friedle did an excellent job as Lion-O, and I loved Corey Burton's performace as Jaga.

Snarf was adorable!

Some small spoiler-laden commentary: (Warning, I can't seem to get the spoiler code to work, so, spoilers below!)

[spoiler] I can't believe they showed Lynx-O! I notice that he's already blind; I wonder if we'll recieve a back-story on that?

Since they showed us Lynx-O, I wonder where Ben-Gali and Pumyra are? I can't wait to find out!

Mumm-Ra was very menacing; I loved how they made his eyes glow; I do wish that Mumm-Ra had cackled maniacally, though.

I loved Larry Kenny's performance as King Claudis! I do wonder if he'll be in further episode, perhaps in flashback form.

A good lizard has much story-telling potential....

The plot twist with Mumm-Ra's entrance was fantastic, and took all of us by surprise; my grandmother in particular could not stop talking about it!


Thundercats 2011 is easily the strongest relaunch out of any classic series I've seen so far.

All in all, the series is off to a fantastic start. I truly hope they can keep up this level of quality. If they can, I think Thundercat fans everywhere will be in for a spectacular adventure!

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