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Originally Posted by bronwynn View Post
I just don't agree. Jaga knew what she was doing by waiting outside the entire time. He walked by her and told her to leave and that she was wasting her time, but she persisted anyway. She proved herself to be patient. Patience has nothing to do with whether or not she nibbled on a flower. As head cleric, I don't think Jaga would have accepted her if there was any dishonesty on her part. In the end, Cheetara was obviously an important cleric and respected by Jaga. It was her, after all, who carried in the Sword of Omens to Claudus.

Anyway, I know that many people seem to be disliking Cheetara now that episode 13 aired. I realize that most fans were expecting a Lion-O/Cheetara ship. I must say that I expected it also. However, after seeing the flashbacks in episode 12, I began to suspect that the ship was not as obvious.

I don't see Cheetara as evil or nasty in any way. I don't think that her choice of Tygra in the last episode makes her any less of a loyal cleric. Her job was to protect the king and she has always been there to encourage him and protect him. Her obligation to the crown does not and should not demand her to be the king's woman. It was obvious that Jaga was very important to her and she probably viewed him as a father-figure since she had no family of her own. I think it is just plain silly for people to post that she didn't seem affected by his loss. I think fans of the Lion-O/Cheetara ship are now exaggerating and making up reasons to be annoyed at her character.

As for Tygra, I agree that he can be jealous and hot-headed. Lion-O can be a bit immature and tended to make Cheetara a contest to be won between the brothers. I think that they both have some growing up to do in order to resolve issues that they have had since they were young boys. Neither one is perfect. I think she respects both of them. In matters of the heart, I think someone is often able to overlook the faults of someone they love. I think she is able to remember Tygra before the bitterness set in regarding his younger brother.

Anyway, I am anxious to see what future episodes bring. I think it would be odd if the love triangle was rectified this early on in the series. Maybe there are still surprises to come?
But that is one thing compared to countless things of tygra being a d#ck. I could never understand tygra, because I do not like people like him.

I am not hating on cheetara, I think the writers made her look bad. She should have made her feelings clear with lion-o first. Tygra was angry that he thought cheetara picked lion-o. His anger stems from lion-o being king.

I so agree with lion-o being immature, but you expect that out of a teenager.

But tygra is worse.

I am not excited about the future. Sorry.
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