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Title - Hear the Roar

Scene 1.

A massive ship can be seen floating adrift amongst the emptiness of space. No lights, no motions, its as if it has been abandoned and forgotten about just another outdated piece of space junk, no longer worth the time of day. Inside, the ship is a cavern winding of hallways and doors. It is as if the darkness of space had consumed the ship whole because within its halls are black. Nothing can be seen. Navigating the halls of this ship would be a task in itself that only the cleverest of navigators could attempt.
The beeping of a blip on a radar screen echoes throughout what seems to be a baron control room of a ship. The light from the radar screen lightens up the desolate cabin and an eye can be seen on a darkened figure sitting motionlessly in the captains chair.
The chair stand by itself in the middle of the room. The back of the chair stands tall. Within it are carved four gem sided holes. Only one of the gems are in its spot. The rest are hollow.

The figures in the chair stands, still covered in darkness, so only a shadowy figure can be seen making it's way to the control panel.

The sound of footsteps fill the cabin but not just any footsteps, there is something different about the sound. A heavy metal stomp accompanies the sound of footsteps with every other step.

When the figure reaches the panel he pushes a button to the right of the screen bringing the radar screen to the main viewer in the front of the ship, enlarging it tenfold. The figures eye widens and a sinister grin can be seen on his darkened face.

The figures raises its arm and clenches its fist. "Time to get up!!" The figure yells with excitement.

All around the dark room, pairs of eyes start to light up. Not one or two but twelve. Lights all throughout the ship start to go on and eyes are seen on every level. It is almost as if the ship itself has awoken from a deep slumber.

The once silent and deserted control in now filled with figures at there assigned stations and crew running about in a hectic state as if they had gone to their battle stations.

"Get off ye rusty covered metal bags 'o bolts, that's whar we need to be headin'" the captain shouts while pointing to the blimp on the screen.

"Aye Aye Captain!!!" the crewmen shout as they hastily finish their duties to get the ship moving on target.

The main entrance door to the control room slide apart, from the center of the door out, leaving the entrance wide open. A red and green blur speeds through the doorway, with the doors shutting behind. As the blur circles the room is slows its pace and now can be seen what it truly is. A shine from the lights gleam off the yellow and blue metal that the object is constructed of. As it slows it extends its two arms, which are not arms at all, but are wings with metal feathers. The metal bird slowly comes down from the ceiling of the control room with wings extended and it's razor sharp metal beak can be seen shining as it lands on a stand next to the captain's chair.

The figure that was once covered in darkness is seen sitting down into the chair with its fingers in the air and only the tips touching. It can now be seen that the metal stomp that was heard was that of the Captain's metal leg. But that is not the only metal appendage on the Captain, for he too is constructed entirely of metal with bolts holding him together. His left eye is covered with a darkened piece of metal giving him and eye patch. The metal around the jaw line is a different shade,almost giving the impression of a beard. His clothes are that of an ancient pirate. But this is just not any pirate. For this is..... Captain Cracker!!!

A scourge upon the galaxies. His greed and ambition know no limits. He has pillaged and plundered the universe for decades. Centuries even. His ship, the Jolly Rogers. The fastest and deadliest ship in universe. It could reach speeds that no other could match. Fly through areas of space which no other man would dare get near. It is rumored that it could travel through blackholes without a single nut or bolt out of place. Even fly next to suns and withstand the immense heat. The ship is not what it used to be, but still not many can compete with the Jolly Rogers especially with Captain Cracker at the helm. Many thought he was merely a legend. A scary story to tell the little ones. But to the regrets of many, he is not only a story. He is real. In metal and oil. He exists. And when Captain Cracker wants something, he gets it. No matter what it takes or who he has to go through to get it and his sights are set on the blip on the screen.

"Aye Me matey, we be settin' course to retrieve what we rightfully stole in the first place", he said to the parrot.

"Boil'em in oil" "Boil 'em in oil", the parrot replies.

The captain's menacing laugh fills the the control room as he sits back in his chair intently staring at the main view screen which now shows a tiny planet.

Scene 2.

It is a beautiful day on the planet. Not a cloud can be seen in the bright blue sky. The planets two moons fill the horizon. Giving a breath taking view for all who gaze upon it.

A view that young Lion-O has taken the time to enjoy. The sadness of losing their family,their home; still fresh in the mind but Lion-O knows he can not let the others see this. He is their leader. He is their hope. He is the Lord of the Thundercats. So, it is not unusual for the Lord of the Thundercats to take time away from the others. To compose his feelings as well as his thoughts. To stand atop the highest point of the landscape and take it all in. Looking across the land and seeing all the new land that needs to be explored. But Lion-O has recently found himself not only looking across the land but now more into the sky. Wondering to himself, what is beyond this world?

While in the book of omens, Lion-O learned that is ancestors crashed on this world while stopping the ever-living force of evil, Mumm-Ra. But were there more Thundercats out there? His people, the few that had survived the Lizards and Mumm-Ra's onslaught, were scattered across the land here. So did that mean that out there more of his people were scattered amongst other planets? Maybe even their home planet? If it still existed?

Even though Lion-O would take sometime to himself, he was never truly by himself. He would always travel with his best friend, Snarf.

"Looks like its just you and me again, Snarf". Lion-O said while looking down at his long-time friend.

Snarf, rubbing up against Lion-O's leg and walking in between both legs, replies "Snarf"in a content tone.

"I am going to bring every last Thundarian back together, Snarf. They need to know that they are not alone. That they are safe, and that they have a leader. They need to know that when united together not even Mumm-Ra are a match for them or the Sword of Omens. They need to know that they have a home. Not just the thundarians here on third earth, but all thundarians, everywhere". Lion-O said.

Lion-O had his backed turned to the sky while he was talking to Snarf. He was looking down the mountain at his friends, his family, the rest of the Thundercats. He did not see what Snarf could now see. There was a tiny object in the sky. It was getting bigger and getting bigger fast.

"SNARF SNARF"!!! Snarf yelled, trying to get the attention of Lion-O.

"Snarf. what is your problem"?! Lion-O questioned as he turned around. He then realized he had turned around into a shadow. The once wide open clear sky now black covered by this ominous metal monstrosity. Not knowing what to think Lion-O reassured Snarf saying, "Don't worry, everything will be fine. Who's to say they are not going to be friendly"?

Inside the ship Captain Cracker sits on the edge of his chair preparing himself for what is about to happen. He places his hand on the arm of his chair pressing a button. The gemstone that is in the back of the chair lights up and the ship begins to move. Not forward or backwards but the ship itself. The walls start to condense and transform. It is as if the ship is a giant robot. Transforming itself right before unknowing eyes. This once space bound ship is taking a new form. The more pieces move the more it resembles a sea-bound pirate ship. The center of the ship opens and the walls begin to slide in creating a deck and from the center of this deck rises a cylinder that keeps adding onto itself. This is not the only mast that is growing out of the ship. But it is the biggest. As the ship changes more and more crewmen can be seen grabbing ropes and items about helping in this transformation. When the center mast reaches its peak, two sides shoot out of either side of it and when they come to a stop, a giant black flag lowers. A skull and crossed swords is the insignia on this flag The flag is tattered and torn it has seen battle and made it out still in one piece.

The deck of the ship around the center mast opens and the metal on the mast itself starts moving upwards and from the belly of the ship rises Captain Cracker, holding on to a rope and standing on a peg going up the mast.

"Ye have something that belongs to me, Kitty"! Captain Cracker yells while drawing his pointing it at the Lord of the Thundercats.

Snarf quickly hides behind Lion-O's leg trembling.

Looking up at what Lion-O has just seen before him there is only one thing he can say....

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Captn Cracka
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*****NOTE****** There is more to this story and everything will tie together. I hope to have it finished by the end of the weekend. It will pick back up with SCENE 3.
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Captn Cracka
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Scene 3.

"Boys, bag as a cat and bring me that stone"!! Cracker exclaimed as he reached the top of the mast.

Chains exploded out of the Jolly Rogers. Attached to the chains were Crackers crewmen whose are were set on Lion-O.

Lion-O quick reached for the for the Sword of Omens but was too-late. Crackers men had already reached the land. As he went to draw his sword one of the pirates swung by on the chain striking Lion-O in face causing him to turn. This is when another of Crackers men covered Lion-O in a sac and clasping his arms in with a metal restraint which locked him into the sac unable to move. Simultaneously, another of the men lifted Lion-O's gauntlet glove from his waist and riding the chain back to the ship.

Down the mountain, the rest of the Thundercats could only watch as their brother in arms, their leader Lion-O, was taken.

Once they had saw Crackers ship start to transform they all started their trek to the peak as fast as they could. Wily Kit and Wily Kat jumped onto their hoverboards trying to maneuver the rough terrain, but the natural obstacles slowed their journey and they could only watch as Lion-O was lifted into the ship.

As soon as the shadow of the ship covered Panthro's light, while he was under the thundertank doing its daily maintenance, he stuck is head out to see what was going on.

"By Thundera" Panthro said under his breath quickly sliding out from beneath the thundertank and leaping into the drivers seat.

"Let's GO, Panthro.!! Tygra yelled already in the thundertank whip in hand ready to pounce.

"Let's see what this baby can do!" Panthro replied as he pushed the acceleration throttle to full and tore up the mountain.

But even the thundertank proved not fast enough to reach the peak of the mountainous terrain before Lion-O was in the air being taken in.

The fastest of all the Thundercats, Cheetara, was the closest to reaching Lion-O. She raced on foot, quickly leaping from rock to rock with ease but she still was too slow compared to the quickness of Captain Cracker's men.

Cheetara reached the peak Lion-O was at fast enough to cause Captain Cracker concern.

"Aye, ye be a fast one, but not fast enough to catch Captain Crackerrrrr!!" Cracker yelled as the chain that was pulling Lion-O up quickly started to roll Lion-O up at in increased speed.

"Lion-O!!!" Cheetara yelled desperately as she watched Lion-O get pulled into the ship.

In the corner of his eye Captain Cracker could see a glimmering coming from the sky. Something was coming and it was coming fast on an intercept course with the Jolly Rogers.

Only seconds after seeing the the gleem, it was now in view and could be seen by not only Captain Cracker but the Thundercats as well.

It was a ship. A small ship. Only big enough for one person to be at the controls. As it come down into third earth's atmosphere it too started to transform from a interplanetary traveling vehicle to more of an earth bound vehicle.

The shield covering the pilot of the vehicle retracted to within the vehicle. The two thrusters that were located directly on the back, moved from the center out to the sides and moved down to the bottom of the new vehicle forming. The sides folded inside itself as the pilot's legs were brought down by moving parts of this highly advanced vehicle. The pilot could now be seen sitting straight up with their hands grasping the controls that moved from the center out to the sides and maneuvering the vehicle in between the Thundercats on the mountain and the pirate ship.

"Hold it right there, Cracker" the pilot exclaimed. "Your not going anywhere, put that citizen down right now" the pilot demanded.

"Ahhhhh, Mandoooora. It's about time ye got here. I wouldn't dream of havin you miss this!!" Cracker said.

The crewmen that had taken Lion-O's gauntlet glove and the Sword of Omens, swung passed Captain Cracker passing them off to him as he swung.

Cracker placed the sword in his belt and held the glove in front of him, removing the stone that was embedded within it.

Crackers chest opened. He took the stone and placed it in the built in harness. The chest plates closed and the power that the stone possessed could now be seen pulsating a green light throughout Captain Cracker's body.

"I got back what was taken from me long ago and will never be taken from me again"! Cracker said.

Cracker placed his hand on the mast of the ship and the energy that pulsed through him was now being fed to the ship. It too shared the green glow, as if Captain Cracker and the ship had become one.

"I can't say it's been fun ye laddie, but it will be fun knowing I gunna never be seein' ye again"!! Cracker yelled as panel after panel began to open on the ship.

Dozens had opened in a matter of seconds. Within the open panels slid out cannons. The only sound that could be heard was energy building up and within the noses of the cannons grew a great light.

"FIRE, ye scraps 'o space junk"! Cracker demanded.

Without a moments notice all the cannons fired simultaneously. All pointed at Mandora's vehicle and the Thundercats on the mountain. Cheetara,Snarf, Wiky Kit and Wily Kat all leapt to the thundertank for safety.

Madora's vehicle had a shield that was able to with stand only 3 cannon blasts before being noneffective and started taking direct hits.

Tygra, seeing the eminent demise of this space traveler, quick cracked his whip and it flew through the cannon fire wrapping around Mandora. He then pulled it back, pulling her off of her vehicle and rolling her back to the thundertank.

But things were not looking to good for Mandora or the Thundercats. They were in the safety of the thundertank but the cannon fire pummeled the mountain that they were on and the ground gave out. The thundertank along with hundreds of thousands of tons of rock began to plummet towards the bottom of the canyon, bouncing and flipping off mountainous landscape and being hit by boulders as they fell.

Looking down at the destruction and chaos that he had brought upon this planet within only a matter of minutes, Captain Cracker had a pleased look on his face as he said with joy, "Boys, Tis our hour to have us some fun"!

As Cracker laughed, the ship still pulsing with energy began to disappear in the sky. The new energy allowed the ship to cloak itself from view. Even the massive size of the ship was no problem for the newly acquired energy to hide the Jolly Rogers.

Before the ship was totally transparent, Captain Cracker looked down to see Mandora's vehicle destroyed and smoking covered in the rubble and the thundertank upside down with boulders crushing parts entirely.

"The Captain's back" Cracker said with a smirk on his robotic metal face as he disappeared into the clear skies of third earth.
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Scene 4.

The rubble at the bottom of the canyon has finally stopped failing. It seemed like a never ending bombardment of rock and earth falling from the sky bent on destroying everything in its path.

Between the cannon blasts and tons of rock, Mandora's vehicle is nothing more then scrap smoldering metal. Captain Cracker succeeded in disabling her contact with the outside world but he did not destroy her. Tygra's quick thinking allowed her to find refuge with the Thundercats in the thundertank but it too took on more damage than it ever had. The entire front end has been collapsed in and crushed by the weight of a boulder. No one could have survived the impact of this.

Luckily, Panthro had retreated to the rear of the thundertank with Tygra, Cheetara, Snarf, Mandora and the thunderkittens. It is the most heavily armored portion of the tank and was the only place they had a chance to survive in the onslaught in which they were in.

It was eerily quiet and calm in the canyon. Only moments ago it roared with the sounds of explosions and the thunderous sounds of the rock clashing and bouncing off each other as well as the thundertank on its way to the bottom. And the ground shaking crashes could be felt all through out the canyon and mountain when they all slammed into the ground.

The dust has settled and any unsuspecting onlooker would never guess that such chaos had occurred.

Beneath the rocks and within the thundertank movement can be heard. The smallest of the Thundercats, Snarf, was the first to wake up after what had happened. Scared, Snarf quickly began rubbing against his fallen friends; trying to do anything he could to wake them. Also, to he did this to see if he could even wake them.

"Snarf Snarf!!" Snarf cried as he pushed up against Panthro.

"Uhhhh, what...where....LION-O !!!!" Panthro yelled. He quickly shook the confusion and began to push the rear panel of the tank, trying to open it just a crack so they would be able to escape.

Hearing the commotion, the rest of the Thundercats and Mandora began to open their eyes one at a time. Tygra, upon opening his eyes and seeing Panthro push againt the read immediately began to assist him.

"Is everyone alright"? Cheetara asked.

"I feel like I was kicked around by one the Lizards Walkers", Wilykat replied. "But I'm okay." He answered.

"I now know what it feels like to fight Panthro" Wilykit replied.

"Haha, No you don't, you woke up." Panthro replied pulling away from the rear panel. Even with the increased strength of his metal bionic arms, it was not enough to open the back.

Cheetara looking at Mandora asked. "Are you okay, are you hurt"?

"I'm fine, I need to get out of this thing. Cracker is out there and I need to stop him and bring him in". Mandora replied.

"I've got an idea" Panthro said as he pulled a wire from his arm and connected it a wire he had pulled out of an electronic board in the wall of the tank.

"I'm gonna try to connect to the thundertanks system operations and see if I can trigger the door, if the system is still functioning that is", Panthro explained.

"Everyone get on the other side of the tank. Cheetara, I need you to try pushing the panel with your staff when I give you the word. Tygra, push at the same time and..."

"I need this door open, who knows what he is out there doing, what crimes he is committing and whose lives he is effecting", Mandora interrupt.

"Yeah, I'm working on it lady", Panthro answered angrily.

"I don't know who you are calling lady? I'm Mandora, 1st class officer in the Interplanetary Control Force Silver Squadron Division and I.." Mandora explained.

"Yeah,that's great lady. Tygra, Cheetara, NOW!!!" Panthro said as he pushed a the wire against a wire in the thundertanks wall causing sparks to shoot out of the panel.

The mechanism catches and the rear panel slides a small bit.

"It's not much but I should be able to squeeze through here", Panthro said.

He slid to the opening and began to push against it trying to slide his body though. "I knew I shouldn't have ate that candy fruit earlier", Panthro said as he slowly worked his way out of the tank.

Mandora quickly moved herself to the panel to be the next to exit. "I think you should wait a minute", Tygra said to her.

"There is no time wait, I have to apprehend Captain Cracker and I am the only one who can do it" she answered. She put her head down to the opening to begin squirming her way through when Panthro's hands came crashing down grabbing the door, startling Mandora and making her jump back.

The snickering laughter of Wily Kit and Wily Kat can be heard in the background while Tygra said, "Was just trying to help".

Panthro then pulled the panel back entirely, making a clear path for the rest to exit. Mandora crawled out first, followed by Cheetara, then Tygra, then the Thunderkittens and Snarf.

Mandora went right over to what was left of her vehicle. There was nothing left of it. It was completely destroyed and was in need of serious repair. Looking around she saw that it was not going to be an easy task on foot. There was no one around to aid them.

"Okay, so who are you now"? Panthro asked.

"I'm Mandora, 1st class officer in the Interplanetary Control Force Silver Squadron Division and ..."

"Yeah, I got that part", Panthro interrupted. "What are you doing here and who or what was that?" he asked.

"He is Captain Cracker. A pirate. He is wanted throughout the cosmos for every crime in the book. I had been tailing him for light years, when his trail went cold. But a few days ago while continuing on the last known path I had for him an energy surge appeared on my radar and from then on remained constant. The only thing that could have caused this blip on my radar from such a great distance was the power of multiple stones. If it came on my radar, I knew Cracker had already had it on his and I would be able to find him here. I thought I would be able to beat him here on my Electro Charger but apparently I was wrong. Our surveillance of Cracker didn't show that he possessed a stone. Our intel was clearly inaccurate. The only way Cracker could have gotten to this tiny planet so quickly is if he is in possession of one of the stones. But now, he has two. And that kind of power is a dangerous thing in the hands of that outlaw." Mandora explained.

"So he was after the Sword of Omens" Tygra said.

"No, he wasn't", Cheetara answered. "You saw the way he just put the sword in his belt, barely paying attention to it. He was after the spirit the stone that was on Lion-O's gauntlet", she said.

"Wait, you mean to tell me that Cracker has 3 stones"!? Mandora questioned in disbelief. "I need to find him"!! she exclaimed.

"No, WE need to find him", Panthro answered. He's got Lion-O and the Sword of Omens and NO ONE does that to my Thundertank and gets away with it".

"Wily Kit, Wily Kat, grab your boards from the thundertank. Hopefully they aren't completely destroyed. I'll make whatever repairs I can. The berbil village isn't fair from here". Panthro said.

Panthro, while grabbing the boards from the Thunderkittens said, "We are going to need help, we are going to need a lot of help".....
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Scene 5

"Sure is warm in here, where ever here is", Lion-O thought to himself while slowly swinging back and forth from being suspended high in the air.

The room is silent except for a bubbling sound that is the only thing that can be heard by Lion-O. From within the sac he can not see a thing. He is surrounded by darkness.

The bubbling sound increases immensely and Lion-O can feel the temperature in the room increase as well. Lion-O then hears the sounds of gears moving and feels himself begin to lower. The lower he gets the higher the temperatures increase. Lion-O then comes to a jolting halt.

"Hang in there, kitty", Captain Cracker jokes and the laughter from his men echo through out the hall.

"Squwack Boil 'em in oil, Squwak"!! Captain Crackers feathered friend Polly instigates.

"Hold on polly, let us spy wit' ye eye what 'tis feline has to shout", Cracker replied. "Who ye be"? he questioned.

"Why don't you take this bag off of me so I can see who I am talking to", Lion-O replied.

"Not a problem laddie", Cracker answered while pulling a dagger from his belt. He then tosses it in the air, caught it mid toss and hurled it towards Lion-O. the dagger was on target and cut right through the top of the sac causing it to slide down the sides of Lion-O.

Lion-O looked behind him to see the dagger in wall, realizing what had just happened.

"Thanks, I think", Lion-O replied. Lion-O then looked down to see the bubbling sound he had been hearing coming from directly below him. The birds words should have been a hint to him. He was hanging above a pit of bubbling oil.

"Now cub, how does a wee one like ye come to own a trinket such as this? Family heirloom, perhaps", Cracker said.

"The Eye of Thundera is no mere stone you fool and you'll never know of its power. Evil can't channel its power let alone touch the sword". Lion-O replied.

Captain Cracker then reached behind his back his back pulling out the Sword of Omens from his belt.

"Ye mean 'tis sword right here"? Cracker said laughing. "Ye see kitty, I be not evil, I just be not a nice guy". Cracker said while flipping the sword in the air and catching it.

"But what ye said be intriguing me. Ye called it the Eye of Thundera. I've been to Thundera, collected a treasure of 2 but ye are far from that place. Fer ye to be knowin' 'bout it 'n fer ye to have these stones, ye must be a Thundercat. 'N a many a year ago, ye Thundercats stole me stone away from me in th' moniker of Mumm'ra". Cracker explained.

"I couldn't help but notice ye call me a fool, Thunderkitty. If I be a fool then why were ye th' one carelessly swin'in' th' stone 'o poseidon around on ye glove. Legend has it that that stone comes from th' trident 'o th' God himself. 'n ye who possesses it, controls th' power 'o th' gods. Enough power to take on any bein', no matter how powerful they may be. Enough power fer me to get my revenge on the one they call Mumm-Ra. Wit' th' strength 'o th' three stones combined no one gunna be able to stop me. Ye Thundercats 'n Mandora were no match fer th' power I possessed wit' only one". Cracker said.

"What?! What do you mean the Thundercats were no match for you"? Lion-O questioned fearful to hear the answer.

"Yarr did I forget to mention that ye Thunderkitty buckos lay deep in th' canyon below th' mountain in a tomb 'o rubble". Cracker answered.

"NOOO!!" Lion-O yelled in disbelief before dropping his head in sadness.

"Quick Pick, bring yerself to me", Cracker called out to one of his crewmen.

Quick Pick did not look like much to the eye. He was relatively small in comparison to the rest of the crew. He wore a hat and a cape draped down from his shoulders. He seemed like he would be more fragile and not much use in a fight. But a closer look would show you how he was beneficial. He did not have hands like the rest of them. He had slender two slender fingers that looked almost like they could be used as tuning forks. There was no lock Quick Pick could not access with these hands. He may not be of much use in battle but there is no treasure that he could not get to.

"Aye Captain", Quick Pick replied as he stood before Captain Cracker. Cracker then ripped a piece of his cape.

"You called the stone the Eye of Thundera, Thundercat. But an eye is only as good as what it can see" Cracker said tapping his metal finger top on his eye patch. He then wrapped the Eye of Thundera with the cloth, covering it completely.

"Just in case ye or th' sword give a go' to get tricky ye be knowin' the stones have a mind of there own", Cracker explained his actions.

"Huh", Lion-O said to himself as he questioned the meaning of Crackers words.

"See-Thru!!, set th' scanners to find traces 'o th' one they be callin' Mumm-Ra", Captain Cracker ordered.

"Aye Captain Cracker" See-thru, the crewman replied.

"I be believin' we may have somethin' th' scallywag may be wantin', Cracker said laughing as he raised Lion-O away from the scolding heat of the bubbling oil.

"Captain, we have found where we believe Mumm-Ra maybe located. We are receiving signals and power surges from an ancient technology even older the Jolly Rogers", See-Thru replied through the ships intercom.

Cracker replied,"Thrusters ta full and strike ye colors, ya bloomin' cockroaches. We's about to have some fun".

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***NOTE***I wasn't able to finish it this weekend and I apologize but it should be done within the week. I hope you are enjoying as much as I am enjoying writing it. and if not, it been fun either way.
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