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With the Avengers 2 script underway, director Joss Whedon hasn't announced the movie's villain. Which is good, because with Thanos being saved for Avengers 3, we like Whedon to take this opportunity by having the Mad Titan anticipate SHIELD's group of remarkable people by assembling supervillains to fight them known as the Masters of Evil.

For the Masters of Evil to appear in the film, Joss Whedon is going to need to find some villains who have survived in the previous films and some new ones who haven't yet appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

First up are the three highly speculated villains that will be leading the gang in the sequel:

Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin/Trevor Slattery (Leader of the Masters)

Sure because of the twist, Trevor was just an actor and that Aldrich Killian was the "so called real Mandarin" that instead of doing the character properly they just purposely screw him up and get it over with over such bulls*** opinions about his looks when he was originally designed. But if Kevin Feige knew that twisting and violating the character was going to upset lots of people and start causing real problems, they definatly would NEVER do that without having other ideas planned, esspecially when Ben Kingsley's Mandarin is still alive and because of Killian aka Firebrand framed Trevor by setting Trevor up as the Mandarin by making him think he was just acting for a movie when he was actually making him look like an actual terrorist in front of the whole world, in spite of Killian calling himself Mandarin and despite Shane Black making the power ringless character who uses Extremis the MCU's interpretated Mandarin over no reason but stupidity of expressing the people using people as masks theory from the Dark Knight Trilogy and despite Pepper killing Firebrand, it's highly doubtful that we have seen the last of the Mandarin. Because of how epic the Mandarin is with the 10 power rings, Iron Man 3 maybe more of a phase one go on the character's appearance and due to some of the rumors of Kingsley reprising his role as Mandarin in Avengers 2 when both he and the sequel shootings are in India next year as well as some of the casting rumors of other films being denied and then actually confirmed, it's very much so that Avengers 2 is where the Mandarin will return and emerge as the real ring powered super villain everyone knows best from the Marvel Comics. Thanos would be the one to speed up the process by giving Trevor the 10 cosmic rings not by potential but because of what he seeks inside Trevor that the character the same thing that Killian had; desperation. And because Trevor was once a bankrupted actor and is now more ruined than ever, the power rings should suit him good as he will use them to help take back what he had lost of his drug addictions and as the Mandarin, he was mentioned by both Extremis creators Aldrich Killian and Maya Hansen as The Master which hints that Joss Whedon will use Mandarin/Trevor Slattery as the leader of the Masters of Evil once he confirms him and by the act of bringing him back for Avengers 2 in a "Frankenstein's Monster" like method and by making sure he aquires the 10 cosmic rings to battle the Avengers and lead the Masters of Evil, Whedon will EVOLVE Trevor into the Mandarin we all rightfully deserve to see as the villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all as he was referenced by Tony "We create our own demons", it just might mean that Whedon will intend on making what doesn't really exist come into reality of the MCU which would also give Tony a good reason to come back to the Avengers as Iron Man in person without doing the armor remote control style. And what could make Trevor capable of using the rings to battle the Avengers than to suit up as the Mandarin in Dark Armor?

Frank Grillo as Crossbones/Brock Rumlow (Second in command)

As it was rumored by Grillo in his interview as Crossbones he will be appearing in Avengers 2 and a film after the sequel which makes him the direct source to the Masters of Evil's appearance in Avengers 2 because he is known for being a henchmen to the red skull and is more of the mercenary type of villain, more villains are required to assist Crossbones against the Avengers and Rumlow's alignment with The Mandarin Trevor Slattery would make him second in command of the ranks. Grillo also mentioned something about an evolution of his character but he did guarantee that he is the villain Crossbones

Tim Roth as The Abomination/Emil Blonsky (The Muscle)

Abomination is one of the Hulk's greatest enemies and is currently the hero's arch enemy. He was also the first villain to survive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and thanks to Betty Ross, Hulk spared him because with Abomination so far as his one proper and worthy opponent, he will eventually return and Avengers 2 is perfect time to bring him back and as a member of the MCU's Masters of Evil. Afterall, fans have not forgotten himand all that it takes for him to join the band is to find a way to break him out of his prison

now for the members that are fan favored and speculated to join the main three for the masters of evil

Antje Traue as Amora the Enchanchress (The Woman and Sorceress)

As an enemy of Thor, Enchantress is the most popular among many female super villains in the Marvel comics. She is notable for serving Loki, and for both fighting Thor and having a crush on him. She is also a notable member of the Masters of Evil as well. She is very and highly favored and speculated by fans to join the ranks in the Masters in Avengers 2 and a very specifically good rival for Scarlet Witch to fight. Earlier she was rumored by Chris Hemsworth that Charlize Theron should do the character but it did not check out. So I would rather go with Antje Traue for the role. She may not be blonde but she is german and her accent does tend to fit that of the characters so she would do and besides, not all characters have to look exactly like they are depicted from the comics.And because of her performance as Faora from Man of Steel, I definately like to see more of Antje in the PG-13 action films and as the Enchantress in Avengers 2, she would rock.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Kurse (Brusier and Intimidater)

As a member of the dark elves and a servant of Malekith, Kurse has always been an enemy of Thor, that is until Malekith betrayed him in attempts of killing Thor and if that happens and Kurse survives, there is a slight chance that he may join the Masters of Evil but we would have to see Thor the Dark World to find out.

Vin Diesel as Absorbing Man (Adapter, Spy, and Fighter)

While it was rumored that Vin Diesel would play Thanos because of his deep voice, speculation has it that based on his bald head, muscular posture and deep voice, he will portray the Absorbing Man. Absorbing Man was a wrestler named Carl "Crusher" Creel who was a boxer and jailed criminal who becomes the Absorbing Man when he drinks a liquid which the Asgardian god Loki laced with rare Asgardian ingredients. Still he may actually obtain his powers in a different way. As the Absorbing Man, Diesel would really mop the floor with the Avengers.


Scott Atkins as Mallen (Relentless fighter and extra powerhouse)

Mallen was the first of the Extremis injected supervillain in the Marvel comics. Because Kevin Feige said that he wanted to see more Extremis, Mallen would be his only option.

Now with this group of villains lined up for Avengers 2's Masters of Evil, the battles in the movie will be a blast!
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