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Are these only available online? I never see these and would love to start collecting
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I've noticed that most of the MOTU stuff is online only. You might be lucky to find one or two of the odd figures from the 2002 series on a shelf in the back of TRU, but I've been picking things up through Amazon and Ebay.

Good luck.
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Pravus Prime
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There are DCU VS MOTUC 2 packs that are a Toys R Us exclusive.

He-man vs Superman
Skeletor vs Lex Luthor
Stratos vs Hawkman
Mer-man vs Aquaman
Zodak vs Green Lantern
She-Ra vs Supergirl

Except for the last two, they are all different from the online versions.

The rest of the line is from Mattycollector or secondary sources only.
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Joe Moore
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This does not belong in Thundercats Discussion. Moved to the correct forum.
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