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Thunder Kitty
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LOVE the 6" figures. Bandai America, you did good. You are still lightyears away from SH Figuarts quality, but for american-made releases, these 6" figures knock the ball out of the park.

A great thing about this new Thundercats line is that they are full of articulation. 18 to be exact. Ball jointed shoulders, double jointed elbows and knees, waist and torso movement, and even those fancy ankle swivels that allow the foot to be put into different angles. The only downside to these figures are the totally visible joint-bars and screws in the back. I learned to accept these black joint-bars as a fair trade off for the great articulation. I also learned to love the easily-accesible screws because it allows for super easy disassembly and modification!

Panthro is a great figure, with a sculpt that, in my opinion, is far superior to the 4" figure. His joints are tight and the articulation great. However, I felt he could use a little more movement in his neck and waist. I figure he is a feline and thus he should be able to be posed into even more dynamic cat-like poses.

I started with his torso. I shaved down the bottom edges of his lower abs and back so that they could have a deeper range of motion. (I did a similar mod with my SH Figuarts Cyclone Joker so that he could properly mount his Hardboilder.) Luckily his belt is made of a soft rubber and big enough to completely cover the mods- regardless of whether he is dynamically posed or not. The final product isn't drastic, but the modifications are significant enough to give the figure a nice dose of action.

The final, more time consuming mod was his neck. Although the head is placed on a balljoint, the neck sculpt prevents it from doing any type of movement aside from side-to-side. So after careful consideration, I decided to chop off the back of his neck and shave it down. It's difficult to describe exactly what I had to do, so I'll let the pictures do the talking. Unfortunately, I don't have and before/after comparison pictures. But, if you can live with Panthro having a small, visible gap behind his head, this mod is definitely worth it.

Overall, I'm really happy with these mods and look forward to playing around with the 6" Lion-O. Even though his neck is given a separate point of articulation, I already know that he is going to need a better neck mod as well. Good luck to everyone that decides to mod their figures!
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Thanks for sharing your mod TJMaxxx
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Thunder Kitty
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to be honest I was very much against these new looking thundercats but I must say, after seeing your images, that they don't look that bad. I still prefer the old characters by far
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