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I was looking at my wooden display case at my new thundercats and realized how appealing it was to have mint unplayed with cats on display with all of there weapons.

I love my vintage thundercats villans and various third earth residents but I think the new line is more appealing in some senses, what do you guys think?
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When you say "new line" are you referring to the line of toys to support the new cartoon or are you instead nodding towards the new renditions of the 80's classic characters?

Whatever the case...I can honestly say I'm not at all into the new look characters or cartoon. That's not to say I think either is bad; I'm just not interested in them. I'm a nostalgaholic and my allegiance lies with the classics all the way. Now, that being said...I feel what we've seen of the Classics line thusfar is amazing and I can only hope it continues on in glory!

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I find that all toys are more appealing when they are MOC/MIP, as opposed to loose! I bet if you had some MOC vintage figures, you'd like those just as much or more!!! :]
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I have all my new 2011 figures displayed open... I'm debating buying them all again and keeping them MIP. Well, I haven't opened the Classics line 8" figures... those are still MIP right now.
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I am collecting the new Thundercats as a way to make up for the 80's after not being a fan of the original series.
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Dont get me wrong I love the originals especially my nm complete lino with snarf and my loose mint complete slythe.

I think slythe looks the most like the cartoon and still cant get over how the original slythe looks like how he walked out of my tv screen and into my display case.

Like I just watched the cartoon said hey I like him and plucked him out.

I just havent bought any new action figures consistantly for a while and am loving the new line. Cant wait until next year.
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