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Thunder Kitty
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SO this past weekend ive. Noticed a good amount of thundercats toys selling.but what truely amazed me is that my local try was wipped the help out none whatsoever and I talking everything singles,deluxe,six inch,classics,vehicles,players
so are they doing that well in your area?
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Up here they are falling off the pegs. Nothing is moving. One Walmart had and I counted 21 Thundertanks, 5 tower of omens, and each peg was so full of figures that if you touched them it would cause a landslide.
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Thunder Kitty
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The only place that I have seen them so far is at toys r us. When i ask target or walmart employees they get irritated and say that they won't be carrying the line. I have found all that I want at toys r us, but it seems a bit high in price. I have found reasonable priced auctions online. Cheetarah was the hard figure to find. Pegs are overflowing with mummra which i thought would be the big seller. Things seem to be moving slowly but surely.
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Thunder Kitty
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dude my mom wnet to toysrus nithing was there
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Steevy Maximus
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Can't say for certain because my local Walmart is one of many who aren't actively carrying the line to begin with (aside from an "out of the blue" display, see other thread).
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