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Okay I know there was a similar thread a while ago regarding this topic ... But for the life of me I feel the need to get this off my chest.

Why has nobody even considered making a reissue series of 80s Thundercats??
For the life of me I do not understand why everyone is avoiding it because I am positive it would be a golden opportunity to rake in some big bucks for whatever company took on the challenge ...

I am referring of course to a classic line that looks and is packaged in an LJN style ...
Obviously names would have to be changed slightly due to copyright seeing as we have the fine folk at Bandai sitting on this licence and squandering it whilst blatently refusing to give it up to a company who would actually put it to good use .. Essentially they are holding it hostage as they can't be bothered to use it yet at the same time they are to greedy to let anyone else have it...

But anyway I'm not trying to start another anti bandai rant .... There's already an abundance of those...

What im simply wishing is that a third party company could jump on this opportunity .... I for one would buy every damn figure and I know hundreds of other thundercats collectors would also buy them in a heartbeat.

Just imagine all those figures we never got but always wanted such as the bubbler , the lunattacker and lunatacks , willa , mandora , the berserkers ship , and many many more ... And all our favourites with a classic yet updated look to them...

Transformers have seen it many times over ... Even masters of the universe got a modern reissue line ....
Thundercats is comparatively smaller yet I think would be more popular Due to the fact that demand seems to be continuously growing .. Just look at the prices of loose figures on ebay .... The prices on the rarer figures always seem to be rising surely the demand is there.

The only downside is that it may hurt the value of the original line ... But whatever company decided to do this could be clever about it by not overproducing figures and that way keeping desirability high... They could produce limited numbers of each wave and give people a taste of their superior product whilst not mass producing and over saturating the market ... Then if its a big hit demand will rise and they can consider a second wave .... But the key would be to maintain demand like they have done with transformer mps ...

Maybe this is just the rambling of a biased fool ... But surely there is huge potential here ....
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i totally agree buddy these corps don't know jack about making toys they just ruin it for all fans with there crappy production and they never make whats needed in the toy world the never made rare figures or they never complete collections now just imagine if the four horse men got a hold of this license and made thundercats vintage styler like there doing with he-man at lease there going all the way with it ive bought every single figure made to date from mattycollector and id buy all the thundercats if they made them so imagine the sales of they took over!
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