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So I have seen a few different discussions, especially after the last episode titled Between Brothers, about how the sword works. So if you haven't seen up to Episode 13 and don't want to be spoiled, don't continue reading. I thought it would be interesting to compare it with the old and discuss what we think and ideas of how and why from what we have seen.

Sight Beyond Sight - both have shown the ability, which seems to be about the same.

Self Aware - the original was able to distinguish the user's intent, as well as if the target was good or evil. The new one seems capable of this to a lesser extent. Such as Lion-O was unable to attack the bird in the forest, because he was not evil. But Lion-O was able to use the sword to fight Tygra and Claudus to fight Lion-O. Perhaps it was because Lion-O and Claudus both did not have any intention to harm. That might explain why Lion-O got his butt kicked by Tygra with a fake sword and why Claudus was able to attack Lion-O as training.

Energy Blasts - Both, however the old sword emitted the blast from the blade with a "Hoooo" where as the new one seems to come after the full Thundercats call and from the Eye.

Interaction with other Thundercats - The original Eye of Thundera was capable of summoning/awakening/activating/energizing/showing locations to the other Thundercats. So far in the new, we have seen their eyes glow, I don't think we have seen their emblems activate in any form and aside from Panthro showing up in the Tank, I don't think we have seen it summon anyone.

Summon to the Wielder - Lion-O could call the sword to his hand at any time from nearly any distance or location. Have not seen that in the new yet.

Danger Sense - The original sword and eye alerted Lion-O to any danger to himself or his friends and allies which he then used sight beyond sight.

Flight - Ya, Lion-O flew at one point atleast in the original. When snarf was stuck under a rock. Have not seen that yet in the new.

Traverse Dimensions - In the original Lion-O through the ghost of Jaga the sword to combat the ghost of Grune. Have not seen that, although we did see a fake sword in the hands of Tygra in the spirit realm.

These are ones I could think of just off the top of my head since its been awhile since I have watched the 80's show. Some weaknesses included that anything covering the eye, whether it be cloth or tar, blinded the sword. Also, if it was used on a fellow thundercat aggressively, I believe it was broken or the eye shut permanently.

So what do you expect to see, want to see, or don't want to see?

Have we seen the extent of the sword now, and its all about the stones and forming the armor?

Should the sword become more powerful in the hands of Lion-O (more like Lion-O become more powerful to fully use the sword) or should some of the powers and abilities be toned down? How do you explain some of the conflicting uses of the sword thus far? Such as Tygra and Lion-O fighting with Tygra beating Lion-O and the real sword. If I missed anything, add some more in.

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I don't think Lion O has fully learned how to use the Sword yet, he didn't even fully gain the ability to use the Sight Beyond Sight till recently. maybe with the Trials he'll unlock more abilities, or more likely learn to use the abilities already at his disposal.
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