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There are things you should never, ever say in a movie/TV series/cartoon. Generally, bad things happen to you after you say them. Poor guards would only had to add how they only need one more day of service until retirement! Still, they could probably escape their fate if they manage to tell their names! Named characters have a better chance of survival. Well, usually...

If you couldn't tell already, I LOVE the new Thundercats cartoon. It is simply, awesome... Epic storytelling, compelling characters, great designs, beautiful animation.

And being a furry/scaly artist, I am especially liking the many lizards introduced. Not just their designs, but their story... It's a rare thing in a cartoon that the enemy race has a quite understandable motivation and are not truly evil. In the first episode already, Lion-O learns that the reason the lizards keep attacking Thundera is that they are starving - the cats have all the fertile land and resources, the other animals just fight over what's left. Not only that, but later in the episode, the lizard that Lion-O saved from being lynched by a mob repays his kindness by helping him escape.

All that makes them quite sympathetic to me to the point where I am sorry to see them taken out - it doesn't help that some of them are designed to look SOOO cute! Seriously, they are adorable. Nah, don't think I am criticizing the show because the poor lizards are often killed off... It's a great cartoon, and I cannot wait for the new episodes on every friday! And I hope we perhaps get toys of these types of lizard soldiers... They appeared a lot during episode 5. These two in particular were the guards of the Thundrillium mine's rear entrance.
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