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Just a real quick question. I loveseeing people' opinions and since I love to write, it's the way the characters play off of each other that I find intriguing. So, I pose th question, of the old series, which was your favorite interaction to see?

For me, I'll list two, my favorites

1) Anyone who knows me knows that I love the Thunderkittens. I love seeing them interact with each other. This is not just in the mischievous-teasing sense but also in the slightly more serious sense. One of my favorite scenes in the old series is in "Thundercubs" when Lion-o tells the twins he's going to have them work separately. Their reaction to this was really interesting to me. The almost..for lack of a better word, "lost" look in their faces. Also, "Tower of Traps" when Kit finds her brother starts to babble about how glad she is to see him and how worried she was then stops herself, out of pride. One of my favorite lines by her is actually from that episode, when she darts through all these swinging blades: "Wilykat..I wouldn't ask you to do this for me'd do it without my asking."

2) Lion-o and the twins. I dunno why but I adore to see these three interact. Lion-o started out probably younger than they are but then eventually got this whole 'protective big brother' streak going on. I love how he could switch from the "Lord" role to the "friend" role, case-in-point covering for the two when they swiped the others' weapons in "trouble with thunderkittens." He could have easily ratted them out and had every right to do so but didn't. That's one reason I really wanna see how they handle the twins in the new series. I'd like to see this younger Lion-o's relationship with these 'street kids' develop some.

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