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Thunder Kitty
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However all is not perfect:

4" Deluxe figures- COOL BASES! Wait...not full articulation? Eh.....

4" Chicks with more articulation than guys- WTF? Not consistent! The MMPR line did this too...weird!

6" Figures- We need MOAR figures NAO! Like Classic ones! Do them in 6" AND 8"!

Overall very impressed by what we've seen, the positives outweigh the negatives. The 6" figures look fucking great, and we all knew the 8" ones killed ass too.

Hell some of the 4" ones are cool...MUMRA FUCKING RULES!
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Thunder Kitty
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Hi all I'm new here. Love the site. Thought I would chime in.

Well after seeing the horror of "Gi Joe: The rise of cobra"I don't think any other property could go much worse (knock on wood).
I am really digging the Thundercats Classics, I can't wait to see more! I do wish they were more 6" as well. I am looking forward to the 4" line and vehicles, but am not sold on the cheetara design or the new panthro. Panthro was one of my favorite characters, and this guy looks like a gorilla with big hands. The thundertank with pods look awesome.
Now the playset however seems like a revamped He-man Eternia playset (amusement park, more than a base) I would much rather have a Cats Lair Playset.
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Thunderan Q-Wing Pilot
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The toy images look good. I hope the quality is up there as well. Kinda bummed at Cheetara though. She has a face like Courtney Love. What's with the heavy makeup around the eyes? It just looks strange in a bad way.

But luckily Lion-O and Mumm-Ra are looking fantastic with Tygra a close second. I look forward to seeing new original friends and foes in the Bandai style.
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