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Could someone clarify into what lines the new toys will be divided? I understand that there's a:

4" modern
6" modern

Is there a new line that has the classic figures? Is that also 6 inches? I thought I knew what was going on, but then I saw the SDCC images had the original toys... Are the classic figures new sculpts or reissues?

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In addition to the 4" and 6" figures for the new show, there's an 8" scaled line of Classic figures that are new sculpts. Though from what I know, the only one's coming out this year are Lion-O and Tygra (more will be released next year). Here's the BBTS listings for them:

Thundercats 2011 8" Classic Collectior Figure Series 01 - Lion-O - Thundercats (2011) Figures

Thundercats 2011 8" Classic Collectior Figure Series 01 - Tygra - Thundercats (2011) Figures

The original toys that were on display at SDCC were, as far as anybody knows, just there for a "then-and-now" comparison with the new show's toys. If there were reissues on the way, I'm sure something would have been said.

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