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Captn Cracka 06-18-2013 06:16 PM

WANTED: Loose Original LJN Bengali Hammer.
Anybody out there have an extra loose Bengali Hammer, you wouldn't mind parting with??? This is one item I have been holding off on getting for quite some time but its time. I don't know how much I trust ebay for this item because of fakes so i would much rather deal with a fellow collector. Send me a message if you have one and would be willing do trade/sell.

test 06-23-2013 10:31 AM

Be careful with this one my friend ... Loads of repro ones out there now and very hard to distinguish the difference aside from the slight colour variation.
It's definately a wise move to buy from a fellow collector but you might be better off just buying a complete bengali because I can't see many people wanting to part with just the hammer ....
Luckily my bengali and hammer combo is from my childhood so I know that's genuine and I simply bought a nicer conditioned minty bengali to go with the hammer lol

My quest is now to find the elusive playful variant with the silver hammer ... So saving my pennies as I know it's gonna cost me a couple hundred pounds at least ..

But hope you find one ... There's nothing sweeter than seeing a complete bengali on your shelf ;) If only I could afford a carded one

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